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The majority of our timber is sustainably sourced using FSC or PEFC certified timber Banner
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Garden Building Solutions

Dorset and Hampshire’s Supplier of a Full Range of Garden Buildings including made to measure Sheds, Garden Offices, Summerhouses, Workshops, Playhouses, Timber Garages, Beach Huts & Gates…

Baskets & Blooms Garden Centre

392 Christchurch Road

West Parley, Ferndown


BH22 8SW

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The majority of our building are supplied treated with 2 coats of our superior spirit-based preservative stain which will protect them for approximately 1 year against UV damage, water, rot and decay, mould and insects. This comes in a choice of 2 colours – Golden Brown (a yellowy pine) or Red Cedar (a deeper more reddish/orange).  It is a translucent finish which shows the grain, and soaks into the timber and all the nooks & crannies – unlike a water-based finish which sits on the surface and is quite opaque. Anything different can be applied on top of it after approximately 4 weeks. For a longer, more glossy woody looking finish, we recommend Sadolin Classic which is a thicker, glossy rich finish which can last up to 4-5 years.  This can be applied immediately on top of our finish.

Alternatively you can choose to have your building made of tanalised timber. This process involves placing the timbers in a sealed chamber, creating a vacuum, and then injecting under high pressure to force the wood treatment deep into the grain of the timbers. This process will add many years to the life of your shed - which is especially useful if it is difficult to re-treat annually (ie. your shed is in a corner, or close to other buildings or plants/ shrubs/ trees, etc.). Tanalised wood is highly resistant to rot, damp, and insect attack, making it a trouble-free and maintenance-free solution to all your general purpose outdoor storage requirements. Please be advised that a treatment may need to be applied if you would like to restore colour to the timber as it will naturally fade to a silver grey.

Please view the image below which explains the tanalised process in more detail.


It is vital that your shed has strong framework. Your framework has to handle everything our weather can throw at it and also has to handle any extra loads such as snow on the roof. You will find that on many competitors cheap sheds framing can be as thin as 28 mm x 28 mm (that is only 1" x 1"). You have to account that this very thin timber has to hold the weight of the cladding, roof and mineral felt. Some Manufactures even poorly attach framework together with ‘staples’ which will not provide any real holding strength and is likely to come apart easily. It is also likely that diagonal bracing will be absent. Diagonal bracing is essential as this will prevent your building from sagging and leaning over. Thin, un-braced and insecure framework will inevitability lead to premature replacement of the building. Manufacturers do this all to cut costs and sacrifice the quality and longevity of the building.

The quality of our framework is very important to us and we believe that it sets us apart from the competition. Not only do we use diagonal bracing across our whole range to give them EXTRA strength and to prevent leaning or sagging late in life, but we also ensure all framing is screwed together with Strong 3” screws to keep the framework stable and sturdy throughout it’s lifetime. As your building is built in panels you also have the benefit of easily being able to take down and move the building in the future. Our exceptional framework will withstand everything our British weather will throw at it and more for many years to come. We offer a wide range of framework choices to suit your requirements from standard duty to ultra-heavy duty. Please note all sizes are nominal.

Our budget range of buildings have 47 mm x 38 mm (2" x 1 ½ ") framework and is up to three (3) times thicker and our heavy duty range has

47 mm x 47 mm (2” x 2”) four (4) times thicker than you can see on some competitors cheap sheds.

Floor and Roof

The next most important thing is to ensure a solid floor and roof. Most manufactures use cheap chipboard and OSB board but namely refer to them as ‘solid sheet material’ as they are too embarrassed to mention the use of a cheap, low quality timber. Chipboard and OSB board is not really suitable for garden building use as it is weak and is likely to get wet. Cut board removes waterproofing and will swell when wet compromising the integrity of the board.

Our floor and roof boards are made from heavy 16 mm and super heavy duty 19 mm tongue & groove boarding for a water tight joint and will easily handle every day wear and tear for many years to come.  On our ultra heavy buildings we use weather and boil proof plywood and is ideal for storage of heavy machinery or furniture.

The Floor will be supported by what we call ‘Floor Runners’ and may sometimes incorrectly referred to as ‘Bearers’. These support the weight of the building, yourself and anything inside so it essential that these are up to the job. We have seen manufactures use thin, weak runners with very wide centres (centres are the distance from the middle of one runner to the next) in an attempt to cut costs but will make for a very weak floor. Our floor runners centres have 300 mm centres making for super strong floor support. You can enjoy a strong floor without fear of it breaking for many years to come.

As standard, we supply all our buildings with tanalised (pressure treated) floor runners. We know from experience the first thing to rot on a building (due to damp ground) will be the floor. Once the floor is rotten it is almost impossible to treat and repair it and will eventually need replacing . This is why we only use floor runners that are tanalised. The tanalised treatment has a service life of up to 15 years* helping to prolong your garden buildings life. (*depending upon ground conditions).  Please click here to find out more about the pressure treatment process.

We offer a wide range of floor runner grades to suit your requirements from standard duty to super-heavy duty. You will notice as soon as you step inside our buildings that our floors are superior to the rest!

We use two grades of mineral felt on our buildings. Our standard duty is approximately 20kg and is used on our budget range while our heavy duty is 38kg (weight rating is measured by weight of roll). Our Heavy duty felt will provide long lasting water protection in the most demanding environments. It’s heavy duty construction is less likely to tear or sag  and minimises maintenance thanks to its extended service life. We ensure all mineral felt is nailed using galvanised nails for excellent rust protection. We offer a wide change of roofing choices including:

Glazed Joinery Door 25mm T&G Loglap Cladding Heavy Duty 19mm T&G Shiplap Cladding Heavy Duty 16mm Rebated Shiplap Cladding Standard Duty 38mm T&G Loglap Cladding Ultra Heavy Duty

16 mm

Rebated Shiplap

19 mm



25 mm



25 mm Rebated


38 mm




Why buy from us?

2" x 1 1/2" (47 mm x 38mm) Standard Duty Framework 2" x 2" (47 mm x 47mm) Heavy Duty Framework 3" x 2" (47 mm x 75mm) Super Heavy Duty Framework 4" x 2" (47 mm x 100mm) Ultra Heavy Duty Framework

2” x 1½”

(47 mm x 38 mm)


2” x 2”

(47 mm x 47 mm)


3” x 2”

(47 mm x 75 mm)


4” x 2”

(47 mm x 100 mm)


16mm T&G Heavy Duty Floor & Roof 19mm T&G Super Duty Floor & Roof 18mm Plywood Ultra Heavy Duty Floor & Roof

16mm T&G


19mm T&G


18mm WBP Plywood



Floor Runners

Floor Runner Centres @ 300 mm

Standard Duty 2" x 1 1/2" (47 mm x 38 mm) Framing Heavy Duty 2" x 2" (47 mm x 47 mm) Framing Super Heavy Duty 3" x 2" (47 mm x 75 mm) Framing

2” x 1½”

(47 mm x 38 mm)


2” x 2”

(47 mm x 47 mm)


3” x 2”

(47 mm x 75 mm)


300 mm
Fixed Windows

Fixed Windows

4 mm Strong, superior glass


Standard Ledged & Braced - Made from heavy duty tongue and groove board attached to heavy duty bracing and ledge. Our heavy duty range of buildings use strong galvanised (rust resistant) T-hinges with galvanised pad bolt allowing use of a padlock to secure.

Heavy Duty Joinery Doors (Framed, Ledged & Braced) - We also offer a full range of  joinery doors and our are found as standard on our summerhouse range and beyond. Crafted in-house by our experienced joiner they are heavy duty and offer increased security with an insurance approved 5-lever mortice lock and have the option of secure butt hinges or decorative hinges. All are laminated for safety. For even more security we can even provide solid joinery doors which is a popular option for workshops.

Our full range of doors includes:

Georgian Windows Solid Joinery Door Ledged & Braced Door

Ledged & Braced Door

Strong construction

Solid Joinery Door

Heavy Duty & Secure

Glazed Joinery Door

Heavy Duty & Glazed

Ledged & Braced Door

Ledged & Braced Stable Door

Strong construction

Opening Windows

Opening Windows

Opening for ventilation

High Security Windows

High Security Windows

Small & Secure

Georgian Windows

Adds style & character

Glazed Joinery Georgian Door

Glazed Joinery Georgian Door

Stylish, Heavy Duty & Glazed

Joinery Stable Door

Joinery Stable Door

Heavy Duty & Secure

Low Glass Windows

Low Glass Windows

Lots of Light!

Low Glazed Joinery Door

Low Glazed Joinery Door

Heavy Duty & Low Glazed


The thickness of the cladding is a very important factor when purchasing a shed. It is often overlooked but a building relies on the quality of the cladding and will ensure its strength, durability and longevity. Be wary when shopping around! You will find that most garden buildings found on Internet sites, at local DIY stores, Garden Centres and other Retail Manufacturers may use low quality, thin materials to cut costs and is normally one of the main reasons why competitors may appear cheaper. You will find that the walls can be as thin as 6 mm (1/4 inch) thick, less than the thickness of a pencil, and without any diagonal supports or stronger timbers to support the roof. These buildings are more likely to distort, move, the cladding ‘pop out’ and weather badly, the thinner felt fail, and are unlikely to last too many years.

Here at Garden Building Solutions, we focus on manufacturing buildings that are heavy duty and are made to last using only the highest quality materials!  We do not cut any corners and manufacture to the highest standard.

We use 4 different grades of cladding ranging from our ‘economy’ standard duty , heavy, super and ultra heavy duty. Thicker cladding means extra strength, durability, longevity and enhanced thermal properties. We offer two basic profiles of cladding - Shiplap or Loglap.  The Loglap cladding will give your building a distinctive half rounded log - more of a cabin effect finish. It is ideal for summerhouses and garden offices.


As standard we use 4 mm heavy duty ‘float glass’ on our buildings. We do not use Perspex or Styrene (except on playhouses where is it necessary for safety). We do not use these inferior counterparts for our buildings due to fact that they are can be easily scratched, are prone to hazing, yellowing, warping and cracking.

Our glass is 4 mm thick and is much stronger than glass often found on competitors buildings which tend to use thinner ‘horticultural’ glass which breaks easily. We also provide a full range of glazing options for increased safety and energy efficiency - and as our buildings are made to order you even have the flexibility of being able to choose the placement and type of windows.  We can offer Safety, Laminate and Sealed Units (double glazed units) instead of normal 4mm Float glass. ½ Glazed doors automatically have Laminate glass by law for safety.


We offer a wide range of  glazing options:

Garden Building with Insulation Garden Building with no Insulation

Building without Insulation

Diagonal Bracing

Vital to prevent sagging and leaning

Framing all Screwed together

Framing Screwed

3” Screws for a strong, solid joint

Diagonal Bracing 38 Kg Mineral Felt

Clay Roof Tiles

Ultra long lasting roof protection

Heavy Duty 38kg Mineral Felt

Long lasting roof protection

Clay Roof Tiles Mineral Felt Tile Shingles Western Red Cedar Roof Shingles

Heavy Duty Mineral Felt Tiles

Extra Long lasting roof protection

Western Red Cedar Roof Shingles

Super long lasting roof protection

Metro Metal Roof Tiles

Super long lasting roof protection

Metro Metal Roof Tiles Spirit Based Preservative

Barrettine™ Wood Preserver treatment

in a choice of Golden Brown and Red Cedar colour.

•  Deep Penetrating

•  Water Repellent

•  Protects against rot, decay, insects & mould

•  Superior Spirit Based Formula

Golden Brown Finish Red Cedar Swatch





Tanalised Treatment

Tanalised E ®  Pressure Treated timber for extended protection.

•  Vacuum Pressure Treated

•  Protects against rot, decay, insects & mould

•  Long Lasting Protection up to 15 years

•  Ideal when you are unable to maintain a    preservative treatment

Tanalised Finish



Tanalising Process

*Please note that colour swatches are indicative only and may vary according to your monitor settings. The applied product can also vary in colour tone and finish.

Design Your Own ‘Bespoke Service’

Our buildings and gates are made to any size, design and requirement. We excel in making bespoke buildings and gates that are made to suit your situation and needs. We even provide a FREE design service! Whether it is for storage, leisure, hobby, sleeping or working in, we can create a building for you!

All of our buildings and gates are made in our locally based manufacturing site, made to the customers' specification. We use traditional construction techniques, developed by the founders of the company over their 20 plus year career. Our well trained and experienced staff completes our service, with high standards of both construction and assembly of buildings and gates.

If you would like a quotation or would like to discuss your ideas, feel free to contact us on 01202 581400 or email us at

Made to order garden buildings!

Made to Order Buildings!

Made to order Gates!

Made to Order Gates!

16mm Rebated Shiplap Cladding Standard Duty Super


Our buildings can be fully insulated to give you year round use of the building as an garden office, workshop, studio, accommodation, etc.

Did you know over half of all heat generated in a building is lost through the walls and the roof with around 15% escaping through the floor. The remainder is lost through windows and doors. Full Insulation will help to keep your building warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

Our insulation packages help to ensure a warm and comfortable environment and helps to reduce or eliminate any additional heating and cooling costs - making your garden building energy efficient with low environmental impact. We can create your own personal insulation package with a number of options to choose from. Please contact us for more details.

Building with Insulation